Workshops and Courses

La Nova Studios give regular workshops and courses on:

'Bel Canto technique and Vocal Anatomy for adults and young singers'.

'Understanding sound and vibration and its therapeutic and holistic benefits to the singer as well as the listener'.

New workshops and courses will be posted here once details have been finalised.

The vocal technique book, 'Singing Bel Canto – Art & Science', is used with all vocal workshops and courses as a reference and is designed to be used as part of the course or workshop.  It contains the excises, warm-ups, diagrammed of  anatomy, history of Bel Canto, how to sing a song, vowels etc, taught on the course.

The Vocal Anatomy in this book, is particular to Bel Canto technique and is written by Michelle Nova and Professor of Anatomy, Patricia Collins.  

The book can be purchased in advance or on the first day of the course from Michelle Nova.

More information on the book can be found on the 'Book' page.