2020 has been and still is an extremely challenging time for everyone. The performing arts are virtually all silent with many wondering if they will ever manage to pick up from where they left off before this world crisis.

I am giving lessons online, which brings its own challenges but also with many positive aspects as well.


·     Sight reading has improved

·     Pitching and tuning has improved

·     Learning new songs at home has improved

·     Self-confidence has improved

·     Learning to sing with a recorded backing track

·     Teaching in slippers or bare feet!

Challenges are:

·     Not being able to accompany the singer while they sing because their voice

     cuts out the sound so they can't hear it.

·     Internet not always stable and losing connection!

·     A lag in time.

·     More work in recording and sending song backings.

In spite of these challenges, the singers are able to practice with my recordings or backing tracks that come with their music books so every singer will know the music and be ready to sing with our pianist as soon as we are able to.


The ABRSM have told music teaches that face-face exams will be resumed for the end of this year and entries must be in by September 28th 2020. We do not have the full details how this will take place yet.

END OF TERM July ~ Friday July 17th

NEXT TERM STARTS September ~ Monday September 14th.